All Artwork should be sized at 9" x 33" inches and setup in our provided templates to insure proper layout and color matching.

We recommend that any Illustrator files are saved as .AI, .PDF or .EPS format. ALL STROKES AND FONTS MUST BE CONVERTED TO OUTLINES. Unflattened or Layered files are preferred.

We recommend that Photoshop files are saved as .PSD or .TIFF format at 300 DPI to insure the highest quality graphics for your decks. Image mode MUST be set as a CMYK document. Unflattened or Layered files are preferred. 

We prefer all files to be saved & titled clearly as followed: Brand_description.ext. (i.e, Quincy_Logo_Bottom.psd). If you are looking to include a top graphic on a deck, create and include a separate file indicating such in your naming convention (i.e. Quincy_Logo_Top.psd). Include this information in the designated area on each template.

We use the most current version of Adobe Creative Cloud.


We recommend & strongly encourage using our templates to ensure proper layout & color matching. Any changes/layout adjustments should be done before submitting and are subject to a $75/hr fee if they exceed 2 adjustment on our part.

All art should be submitted tail side down and in the Quincy template provided. Providing as much information and details as possible helps insure that we get your design correct.

Final graphics should be at 100% scale and all fonts/strokes used should be converted to outlines/shapes.

It is helpful if all colors, graphics and/or text are separated in their own layers if for any reason we are required to modify your file.

Each template is reviewed by our art department to insure proper layout and colors before creating and sending a mockup of your design to approve.

If using PANTONE colors, Please convert all applicable colors to your requested PANTONE SOLID COATED color profile before submitting.


Click on the link below to download our artwork template files. If you are looking for a custom deck shape, All inquires can be submitted HERE.




Submitting artwork can be done by clicking the link below, with or without a Dropbox account and will only be seen by our art department. Once artwork is received & reviewed, a mockup will be returned for approval. Please keep in mind mockups are a rough representation of the final product. Any mockup adjustments beyond 2 adjustments are subject to a $75/hr fee.




If you are looking to match specific colors for your graphic, it may not look the same when printed as you see it on your monitor. If this is the case, We recommend using the Pantone™ 'Solid Coated' matching system. It is the industry standard for accurately matching color. Please reference any PMS (Pantone) colors with the proper number on the template provided if exact color matching is necessary. This option is best for graphic illustrations and art.


4 color process or CMYK allows a full range of color by mixing varying percentages of the four primary colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. When printed, they subtract from white light reflecting off of the background. In short, CMYK is a subtractive color model. Heat transfer printing with CMYK is made up of dots that are fairly large, so the effective resolution is low. CMYK printing works best for photographic reproductions and are preferred in a .PSD or .TIFF file. Metallic, Pearlescent, Fluorescent, and phosphorescent colors can not be created by CMYK printing and require spot colors.